Wood Inlay Mens Rings

You will see a number of types of wood rings from Birch, Mahogany, KOA wood, Spruce, African Black wood, Burl, Box Elder, Black Ash, Olive wood, and, many others. And the finished piece will be as unique as the creativity of the artisan. KOA wood inlay and adding a meteorite inlay in between - yes that is possible. Want to really make it unique and add a small sliver of dinosaur bone in the mix - of course this can be done as well.
Wood inlay rings are here to stay - they are in high demand and when you find a seller than is as creative as the designer you can order just about anything you can come up with. The price for this service? It will generally depend on the types of materials in the finished piece. If we are talking platinum inlays with a unique and rare blue dinosaur bone than the finished piece will likely cost thousands- not hundreds.
Just keep in mind that anything is possible when it comes to types and styles in these stunning new mens fashion categories - let your imagination run wild - the craftsman will adore you!