Why Tungsten Rings?

Why Tungsten Rings?

Every jeweller has a different styles for men and women. Women usually prefer delicate designs and gemstones on their rings.Men usually gravitate towards the more masculine and plain jewellery. Tungsten rings offer just that.

Tungsten is so strong that tungsten rings cannot normally be re-sized, which is something you need to keep in mind when choosing a ring.

A tungsten carbide ring can be of three distinct Colours – very dark black, grey or silver, and white. This appearance is dependent upon the ratio of tungsten and carbon used in its manufacture – the more tungsten there is, the darker the alloy.

Tungsten is combined with carbon to create an alloy called tungsten carbide for use in rings. When a ring is described as being made of tungsten, it is actually a tungsten carbide ring. Tungsten carbide rings have gained popularity recently as men’s wedding rings.

This is largely because tungsten wedding rings and tungsten wedding bands have a very masculine look. If you are not used to wearing men’s rings, your may find this metal for your next ring very acceptable.

Men’s black wedding rings are one of our most popular rings. Black tungsten wedding rings and black tungsten wedding bands are generally the most popular among men for their different and standout look.

The resilience of tungsten carbide wedding rings makes them the best option for the working man or for anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle. Because they are almost impossible to scratched except in the most extreme cases, tungsten men’s rings would be unmarked whereas any other ring would be scratched.

Another of the many reasons that tungsten men’s wedding bands continue to appeal so strongly is that they do not require any maintenance. Anyone who has worn a ring knows that it has to be polished periodically to maintain its gleam and shine.

As the tungsten men’s ring has become more prevalent, tastes have started to diversify. Where you could originally find only plain bands, today, men are spoiled for choice of both design and Colour.