Why tungsten?

Tungsten. The name itself exudes strength. Even its official name in the periodic table, wolfram, gives off a strong vibe. If you are considering getting a tungsten wedding ring, you are on the path to one of the best choices you could make, and one that is becoming increasingly popular with both men and women.

Tungsten is  metal which has the highest melting point of all metals as well as the highest tensile strength. Tungsten is also the hardest metal on earth, making it virtually impossible to scratches

 The inability to resize tungsten rings – is actually a testament to what a fantastic material it is to have made into your wedding ring. Most jewellers are unable to resize a tungsten wedding ring because their normal tools and saws would not be able to put a mark on it.

The hardness of tungsten carbide rings also makes them a safe option . Whereas gold, platinum and silver rings will easily deform under pressure and possibly injure the finger they are on in case of an accident, a tungsten carbide ring will resist deformation till it shatters, keeping the finger safe until then.

Metals have always been prized for their weight, or more accurately, their density. The weight of both gold and tungsten rings gives a ‘solid’ feel when placed in the hand. Lead is considered a heavy material but tungsten is almost twice as dense.

If you have worn rings of other materials in the past, you know that they require polishing to retain their shine and look.Tungsten will retain its polish permanently and look as good twenty tears down the track as it did on the day you first put it on.

The term ‘tungsten carbide’ rings are usually used instead of just ‘tungsten’ rings. This reflects the composition of rings made of tungsten – they are combined with carbon because its hardness makes it too brittle for common use on its own. Other substances like nickel and cobalt are used as binders in the mixture. So what are you waiting for?