Recently, tungsten rings have become one of the most popular metals for men’s wedding rings. They are an affordable choice for modern wedding rings for men with excellent durability. You may have worn jewellery before, and have your favourite style, but tungsten rings are a new fashion trend. Let’s see if tungsten wedding rings are right for you.

What is Tungsten?

Tungsten is a pure metal. Pure tungsten is not suitable for making jewellery. Tungsten carbide is what is used to make jewellery.

Tungsten carbide does contains carbon. Tungsten without carbon is just a steel ring. It can still get unfortunately get scratched and damaged. However, when carbon is added to tungsten to create carbide, the metal becomes extremely tough and durable.

Some jewellery stores sell tungsten rings but call them tungsten carbide. Please double check as not every tungsten carbide ring is actually carbide.

Reasons to buy tungsten wedding rings

With jewellery, metals such as tungsten, titanium and stainless steel are “in”, and is used in mens jewellery, wedding rings and casual jewellery. Here are the benefits of tungsten:

Tungsten is a very affordable metal. There are different grades of tungsten carbide used in jewellery which can impact the price. For example, high quality tungsten with carbon and nickel included can cost more than other lower grade tungsten carbide combinations.

Tungsten carbide beats all other metals for durability. Tungsten is the hardest metal and the most scratch-resistant. Tungsten cannot be scratched by most materials.

Tungsten never looses its luster. Gold loses its shine, and platinum forms blue platinum and even stainless steel rusts over time. Tungsten always remains looking like new. Tungsten is the best choice for you if you have daily activities that involve use of your hands.

Tungsten can be found in many different colours. Black is a popular colour for tungsten and makes for unique wedding rings.White tungsten carbide is very similar in appearance to the popular platinum and white gold metals, giving a modern, stylish look to the wedding ring.


Things to be noticed before your purchase

 They are breakable: Tungsten rings are very durable but you can end up splitting your ring if you knock it against hard surfaces. Since they are not unbreakable, this allows people to break them open with vice grip pliers during emergencies.

They can not be resized: If you choose the wrong size for your wedding ring, you may have to purchase another one. Tungsten is not pliable. On a good note though, tungsten is relatively cheap. This means if you do end up with the wrong size, it wont leave you out of pocket too much should you need to purchase another wedding ring.