Who are Buying Mens Wedding Bands Today?

Women or men?  Interestingly enough, studies indicate that the women are buying more of the men's rings than the men are - fascinating!

Why might this be? Does the woman want her man's ring to match hers? Does she think she knows more about shopping? IS she more adept at spotting the "good deal" or maybe is more inclined to make a quality decision as opposed to a decision based upon expediency? It is a really interesting phenomenon and the answers are scarce. But truth be told - she is the buyer and make no mistake about it!

Is this important to know? It certainly is for the sellers - whether they are online or retail. How do you market to the buyer of the men's ring if you don't understand who is making the buying decision? Whether it is cost or style or matching decor or quality - it appears the woman is the one with most of the decision-making ability when it comes to his wedding band!

For instance of she has a platinum band with no diamonds - beautifully simplistic - he wants a black, heavy tungsten band with diamonds. No way. She looks for a ring that is similar - maybe not exact in terms of material - but similar at least in style. See an example below.

Yes, this is tungsten and HE likes it and so does SHE! Why ... because it LOOKS like platinum, feels heavy for him (tungsten is one of the heaviest of all contemporary metals) and is durable - this is important because she knows he is very rough on things like cars, gardens, clothes, etc. She helps his good intentions find practicality and a wise match!