Which Ring for Which Finger

Pinky Finger

This is usually the first finger for guys who want to think beyond the wedding ring. Your pinky has a few advantages when you want to try men’s jewellery. First, it’s on a finger that won’t get in the way of actually doing things with your hands. Second, it doesn’t have to have a meaning, you just wear a ring there because you want to.

Ring Finger

This is where the most common men’s ring goes –usually a wedding ring. In the UK and US, you’ll most often find it on the left hand; in Eastern Europe, it is usually on the left. As ever, go with whatever feels comfortable – if you’re a lefty, you might find it sits better on your right hand, where it’s less likely to get in the way of anything.

The ring finger’s been the home to wedding rings for years.

Middle Finger

For rings, the middle finger tends to be the finger that is used for jewellery the least. It’s usually not used because it’s so close to your index finger, which tends to be the finger you use the most.

For those who do wear middle finger rings, they usually go on the opposite side to the wedding ring.  

Index Finger

Usually the index finger is used for a signet or family crest.

These days, you can put a ring on it even if you don’t have a family crest, but you’d still be wise to go big, since it’s a space that makes a statement.

Thumb Ring

If you are going to wear a thumb ring, remember your thumb is rather big so would need a large ring to look right. Thumb rings are becoming a lot more common.  Usually goes well with other men’s jewellery.

But that all also means that, if you’re the kind of guy who leans into statement-making, a thumb ring is an easy way to stand out.