What's in style now

Affordability and good quality are one of the largest trends today. Some men prefer stainless steel as it is durable and stays in good shape for a long time. If you enjoy wearing rings, the ring should be able to take a hit or two as well as outlast corrosion. Rings are often simple or have a cool pattern/design to further bring out the wearers personality. A general rule is to wear a maximum of 3 rings in total

A ring that looks great on someone else, might not fit your style If you are new to wearing rings, remember that everyone has a style.. You may might want to start with something more plain. Men who love wearing rings can more easily identify their style. Larger rings and more complex ring patterns can be hard to carry.

Sometimes it can be hard to find suitable and fabulous rings. Even the most experienced men can struggle to find new, affordable rings that they like. We have listed a few popular rings below.

Plain titanium rings are an great all-around choice for any ring collection. The simple design doesn't draw much attention. Very durable and smooth to the hand, great for daily use. If you are new to wearing rings, titanium rings are the way to go.

Big steel rings might be hard to pull off if you are not used to wearing rings. Steel rings are a great choice for someone who has little to no experience with rings.

There are a lot of rings out there with designs or patterns bring character and personality to the wearer. Tribal patterns are strong outfit enhancers and might be hard to wear if you are still finding your style.. If you are looking to create your style or are familiar with your style, these rings are pretty popular.

Wood rings for men have a special and unique look.. Titanium and wood together combine to a unique combination that is very pleasing to the eye. For Wood rings suit perfectly even if you are new to wearing rings