What To Look For When Choosing A Ring

Choosing the right ring might sound dauting but go with your gut feeling and you will succeed. There are a few things you should keep in mind. 

 Decide On The Size & Fit

How should a ring fit?

An ideal ring should slide over the knuckle and fit comfortably without affecting the blood circulation. It shouldn’t feel too tight or too loose.

The most important thing while picking a ring is to maintain the proportion of rings to your hands. For example, slim and  smaller hands need compact or small rings while large rings look good on larger hands.

How do I find out my ring size?

We offer a free ring size for you.  Please get in touch with one of our team and they will be able to assist you.

Are rings different for men and women?

Women’s rings are usually thinner and smaller, whilst men’s rings are usually thicker and wider. However, these days there are multiple styles available for both.

Should the ring be facing out or in?

Now, there are a few rings like biker rings with skulls or signet rings that can be worn facing in as well as facing out. Wear it however you feel comfortable.  There is no wrong or right answer to how you wear your rings.

What are the different types of rings

When wearing rings, you must keep in mind that each situation calls for a different style. If you are looking for a casual look or business wear, there are multiple rings you can wear.

Choose Your Ring Style 

While there are a lot of rings available, choosing your style is the most important thing to remember. Before making any decision, take a look at your lifestyle and wardrobe. Are you someone who experiments with their style often or stick to the classic white shirt and jeans kind of style?