What To Get Your Partner For Anniversary Gifts

No gift can ever express how deeply your love is for you partner/husband or wife and all that they do for you. Sometimes, there are things that can show even slightly how much you love your loved one, especially on a major anniversary.

So what would be your idea for a major anniversary gift for your one and only?

Your 1st Anniversary

This is the first special anniversary, and it’s always the most romantic anniversary. Your relationship is still new and the excitement is still in there.Gold usually the metal of choice for this anniversary, such as a chain or a ring.

Your 10th Anniversary

This is the time to show your loved one how valuable they are in your life. It’s been a 10 years of love, getting to know each other and possibly having children together. A diamond ring set in platinum or white gold, is common for this anniversary.

Your 25th Anniversary

A quarter of a century should be celebrated big, which is why it’s known as the silver jubilee. There is so much to choose from in sterling silver for both him and her – you could go for a simple silver ring .

Your 30th Anniversary

Your friends and family, and even your grandchildren, will attend this anniversary. Thirty years is a long time to be with the same person. The is devotion after so many years. You would know your partner’s tastes more than anyone.This is the year of the pearl jubilee.Maybe a pearl set in a necklace or a man’s ring

Your 50th Anniversary

This is the golden jubilee, you must truly celebrate the period of time you’ve spent with your partner. You’ve been with him or her through thick and thin, and for your 50th year together, gold is obviously the metal of choice for this year.

There are so many other occasions to give gifts of love.Such as Valentines Day and Father’s and Mother’s Day.Take the opportunity to really think about what you love one would like, whether it be a necklace , watch or a ring.