Wedding Ring Options for Him

While the engagement ring and the bride’s ring are usually the main event when it comes to wedding rings, it is important to remember that there are a huge amount of options for him.  Whether it be the traditional gold wedding ring, or even a platinum wedding ring, remember there are other style options to choose from in the men’s ring department.

There are a few things to decide when picking out a wedding ring.  Firstly, you can decide on what metal you prefer.  There are chunkier metals like the tungsten rings, or something a little lighter like the titanium rings (if you don’t opt for gold rings that is).  Alternative metals are becoming very popular these days for men’s rings.  Cobalt, tungsten, stainless steel to name a few.    Next, the width, do you want a subtle thin ring or a thicker ring (most rings are 8mm width).  Do you want it to complement her wedding ring – if this is your choice it may be best to shop together for his ring.

You can make your wedding rings unique to you.  You can express your style and individuality.  There is also the option of engraving to make the rings even more special.

Designs for wedding rings can enhance the ring.  The choice is yours. There are a plethora to choose from out there, narrowing it down is the key.