There may be some concern that mens wedding rings might not be cto omfortable, especially after long periods of wear, but they can be if you know what to look for and you pick the ring carefully. The two most important factors are the shape of the ring and the width of the men’s wedding ring. Shape of the Wedding Ring The shape of the wedding ring will go a long way to determining how comfortable the ring is when worn on your finger. There are a few factors and options that must be considered when choosing the shape of the wedding ring: Softly rounded edges are infinitely more comfortable that angular edges. A gently curved inner edge on the ring will make the ring more comfortable. A soft fit wedding ring will have slightly curved edges on the inside of the ring. A comfort fit wedding ring will be even more curved on the inside of the ring. Width of a Wedding Ring When choosing the width of the wedding ring, consider the length and size of the fingers. Men’s wedding rings are generally wider than a woman’s wedding ring, which is obvious when you consider men’s fingers are generally wider. It’s very important to have your sized correctly, it’s probably worth going into a store to try on a variety of ring sizes to find a size you feel comfortable with, or alternatively Man Up Jewellery can supply you with a free ring sizer.