Titanium Wedding Rings Explained

New metals are quickly taking the place of traditional ring pieces. Titanium is well known for its durability and comfort. Titanium is becoming the “in” thing in men's wedding rings. Titanium wedding rings are everywhere, but how do you know if they are right choice for your wedding ring? If you have questions about titanium wedding rings and titanium wedding ring, consider these tips on titanium jewellery.

The look:

Titanium is light grey and can be polished to a shine or textured for a matte finish. Titanium wedding rings are light in colour than other wedding rings and stainless steel wedding rings.They will also generally be more matte than other wedding rings.

The fit:

Titanium wedding rings are a very comfortable wedding ring choice because it is really lightweight. This makes titanium popular in both men’s wedding rings and women’s wedding rings, especially for those who are not used to wearing a lot of jewellery.

The price:

Titanium is quite affordable for wedding ring. Titanium wedding rings are more expensive than stainless steel rings but less expensive than gold rings.. Titanium is also a good choice because it lasts and maintains its appearance for a lifetime.


Titanium is known for its durability. Titanium wedding rings tend not bend, break or melt under any normal conditions. Titanium does develop a natural oxide layer over time. This layer can be polished off if you prefer. Titanium can also be engraved.

Taking care:

Titanium wedding rings are fairly easy to care for. You can clean your titanium rings at home with a simple soap and water or you can just polish your titanium wedding rings with a soft cloth.

The look:

You can find titanium wedding rings are in both plain designs and more detailed styles. Many titanium rings have gemstone settings. Titanium can also be anodized to add colour to the wedding ring. Blue, purple, green, pink and red titanium rings are available.