The Wedding Theme


So you have finally decided to tie the knot and cross the aisle with your lady love. Never mind if you had to wait a while to arrive at this happy decision. Everyone does! Along with the waves of happiness and greetings, there comes the stress of wedding planning. You also have to prepare the guest list, invitations and many more.

If you have been thinking about the wedding theme for a few days, chances are you have found umpteen websites and taken unending suggestions from friends and wedding planners. What about your wedding ring? Have you bought it yet? If not, then you could probably match your wedding theme with the ring. Most of today's urban men find it exciting. That is why we have come up with a list of wedding themes that go perfectly well with some stylish men's wedding ring designs.


The Platinum wedding ring is apt for this type of wedding. Famous for its rarity, hard texture and a natural white sheen, the platinum band will blend in with the subtle and timeless rustic decor. Being naturally hypo-allergenic, Platinum never changes color and lasts a lifetime.

Want to walk out and smell the roses? Yes, even men can like that. Choose a rustic elegance backdrop with a beautiful spherical floral arch for the wedding ceremony, coupled with a timeless pastoral tables-cape, decorated with geometric candle holders at the reception – it is a postcard setting! Moreover, when you add shades of gold, teal, magenta, and burgundy to the background, it acquires a new dimension.

2.Simple white wedding ring

The fun wedding themes might come and go, but the classic backdrop is forever! This kind of setting includes everything traditional and classy. Just like the theme, the band too symbolizes qualities of purity, beauty, and endurance Right from the bridesmaid and groomsmen, dressed in the traditional white, to the classic cars, rose bouquets in red, pink and white on tables – everything has a touch of old-school. The white gold band is a natural match here! White gold comes from pure gold blended with other metals like silver and palladium that gives it a classy gleam.