The new age wedding rings for men


The time of one size fits all wedding rings for men is long gone! There are so many more options for mens rings these days. For instance, if your man likes the chunky rings, a tungsten carbide band should be an ideal choice. This metal is famous for retaining its finish and is very strong. They are widely available in many colours these days. For an affordable budget, cobalt alloy is a good fit. It is hypoallergenic, naturally white and durable. Being scratch resistant, it does not shatter or scratch.

There are diamond wedding rings for men if he is style conscious and just wants the best. It is no longer “diamonds are a girls best friend”.

Jewellery designers today make bands that are comfortable to wear. Guide your husband to be in selecting curved interiors instead of flat – more commonly know as comfort fit wedding rings. Few rings differentiate between the bottom and top where the former is tapered and plain. Engravings too are standard for men who want to customize their bands.

Apart from fancy finishes, you can even blend colours or metals for the perfect wedding ring. For instance, you may love a blend of yellow gold accent with a cobalt alloy ring. Alternatively, you can also mix gold and white gold.