Styling: A few things to keep in mind


Pulling off men’s jewellery can be tricky and daunting with dilemmas like how to keep things looking masculine, what to pair with what, how much is too much etc.


But right pairing can elevate your look and act as an easy element to amp up your attire.


So to begin with, invest in a couple of pieces with modern and clean design.


Opt for a well fit, basic neutral look. You don’t want the elements in your outfit competing for attention.


Bracelets and a unique ring are perfect for adding personality, character and a little understated texture to your look when wearing lightweight tees and vests.


Layering bracelets of different textures and materials with/ without your classic watch without overdoing it.


Textured brooch and statement lapel pins are a subtle way to rework your normal look and act like timeless pieces in any gentleman’s wardrobe.


If you’re feeling brave go for a necklace or earring but they can be more difficult to carry than bracelets and cuffs. So, the key here is to keep things as low key as possible. Get it right, and you bring an otherwise banal outfit up a whole notch. Look for slim to medium width chains and pendants in silver, brass and gold, which you can team with V-neck tees and vests during summer.


But more than anything else, whatever style you choose should look personal, as if they’re subtle extensions of the kind of things you’d find in your wardrobe. It’s all about finding what works for you.