Some Wedding Ring Tips

Purchasing a wedding ring when you have thin fingers and large knuckles.

If you fall into this category for wedding rings it may be a bit tricky when it does come to purchasing your ring.  Many people purchase a ring that fits over their knuckle, but then you have the problem of it feeling loose on your finger. 

With a little moisturiser to the finger, choose a wedding ring size that feels slightly tight over the knuckle. Once over the knuckle, it may feel a little loose, but it will be secure on the finger without the risk of falling off.

 The correct ring finger

In NZ typically the wedding ring sits on the left hand and on the third finger.  The wedding ring usually goes on your ring finger first, then your engagement ring.

Getting a ring sizer

You do need to get an idea of your finger size before purchasing your wedding ring.  Our ring sizer goes around where your wedding ring would sit.  Ensure that the sizer fit comfortably on your finger, not too loose and not too tight.

Does width affect the fit of the wedding ring?

Wider wedding bands do usually fit tighter on the finger. A thinner width band in the same finger size lies against less flesh. As a result, a slim wedding ring feels looser.