Ring styles

Ring Styles

There are a variety of wedding ring styles around. The ring style refers to the shape you would see if the band of the ring were cut at a cross-section.


The outside of a D-shape profile is identical to a court ring. However, the inside of the band is flat and sits flush up against the finger, creating a ‘D’ shape to the band’s profile. This ring profile is often recommended to wearers who are particularly active or work using their hands.


Perhaps considered the most traditional profile, a court band has a soft rounded curve on the inside and outside of the ring. It’s often referred to as ‘comfort fit’–as it’s name suggests, it’s a very comfortable ring.


Flat profile rings are almost the opposite to a court profile. They feature flat edges on all sides of the ring, creating a more geometric, sharp silhouette.


Bevelled ring profiles have a contemporary finish–the inside of the band is flat, but the outer edge has angled edges.

Knife Edge

A knife edge profile features a sharp (not razor sharp, of course!) edge that runs along the band and divides the ring into two slanting parts that meet at the centre.


A concave ring has the smooth interior of a flat profile, with a softly dipped curve on the ring’s exterior.