Since you don’t need to remove tungsten rings during regular activities during the day, over time they will get dirty with dirt and grime, which is natural over time.

 You can clean the surface of a tungsten ring with a soft cloth which has been dipped in a mild soap solution .Since the tungsten ring is resilient and resistant to being scratched, you can clean the ring like this without worrying about causing any damage to the ring. Alternatively, your tungsten ring will most likely get cleaned while you are washing your hands or in the shower, so it will automatically get cleaned. Bear in mind thought not to use harsh detergents while wearing your tungsten ring, as they cannot be re-polished like gold or silver.

 If you do happen to get a stain from oil or lotion, this can be removed from the surface of the ring by using a cloth dipped in a bit of alcohol. This will uncover the tungsten ring’s original shine.