Minimalist ?

Do you feel like everyone is trying to simplify space? Do you need some information on how to say goodbye to too many accessories that you have collected. Here are some tips for minimalist jewellery.



A minimalist approach to your jewellery means only keeping the pieces that enhance your life.


Let's face it– this approach isn't for everyone. But for those stuck in a rut, it can be the perfect way to have a clear out of your old jewellery. You could benefit from jewellery minimalism if you: – find yourself feeling stressed by your options when you get dressed in the morning – feel that your current collection of jewellery is outdated, and want to refine your look


Here's a guide to jewellery minimalism.


Your jewellery should make you happy, not weigh you down. Get out all your old jewellery and decide what you should keep and what you should let go. 1. How does this piece of jewellery make me feel? Try on each piece, and make see how you feel when you put it on. Focus on the jewellery that make you feel good whenever you put them on.

1. Do I wear it? Put aside jewellery pieces as you wear them. Take note at what you did and didn’t wear. Your most-worn pieces are likely the most comfortable. Consider letting go of like rarely worn pieces or multiples of similar styles. See what it is that you like about your favourite pieces and what style and material you feel comfortable wearing.

WASTE NOT, WANT NOT. You may have a hard time letting go of something sentimental? Consider giving these pieces you no longer need to friends or family member, that way you will still have this piece of jewellery close.

INVEST IS BEST. Shop for specific pieces that give a unique purpose that’s lacking in your current collection. Look for versatile pieces that you truly love, that match in with your current collection, and in materials that will last with everyday wear. Don’t feel obliged to stick to simple designs if that’s not what you wear. Your wardrobe should express and work for you. Anything you love to wear, that’s cohesive with your personal style, will make you shine. Every piece is part of your look, giving you freedom to mix, match & layer with ease. Sticking to a few pieces of jewellery that you really love allow you invest in higher quality jewellery that brings you confidence.