A wedding ring needs a lot of consideration because it is with you for the rest of your life. The typical metal for a wedding ring is gold, although today you can buy rings of various metals. In order to make the appearance look more matching, the bride and groom should choose the same metal. Although the styles can vary, having the same metal gives the two rings a subtle connection. Here are the most popular metals for wedding rings:

Silver is a very soft metal that is easy to show scratches over time. It is not suitable for everyday wear. 925 sterling silver is an alloy commonly used in wedding rings. However, since silver oxidizes over time, polishing is required to maintain its gloss and color.

Platinum is more expensive than gold because platinum is more difficult to manufacture and extremely durable. Because it is naturally white, platinum does not fade or lose its luster. It is also very scratch resistant. One thing to note is that if platinum is in contact with a metal, it tends to wear other metals because it is a very hard metal.

Titanium and tungsten are two very similar metals that are easily confused. However, titanium is a lightweight metal that is light in color and, although durable, is easily scratched. On the other hand, tungsten is heavier and darker and extremely resistant to wear.

Gold is the traditional classic choice for wedding rings. When choosing gold, it is best to match 14 or 18 carats of gold. These have the best look and durability. Gold with a purity of more than 75% is too soft for everyday wear and is easily scratched and loose. Below 14 carats will make the alloy more durable, but will not have the look you expect when it comes to gold.