Men's Wedding Ring Questions

Men’s wedding rings aren't simply a gold, platinum, titanium or silver band right? And if you would like gold, then which gold - rose, yellow or white?

These days there are many stylish options around which can be as minimalist, stand out, matte or patterned.

What is your lifestyle

What is your job? Does your job prevent you from wearing jewellery for safety reasons? Are you someone who has his hands dirty all day or do you sit in an office environment?  These kind of questions need to be answered to determine what is the best wedding ring that’s suits your life.
Think about who you are
Looking for a ring where your personality can be shown off? Adding gems to a man's ring doesn't have to mean lots of bling if you don't want it to. A stone or two be enough to show your styl..

Browse our men's wedding ring selection for some ideas. Our Black Tungsten rings are very mainly with the black carbon inlay.  Tungsten rings for men are a great fit if you do a physical job.

Think about how long it will last

Are you likely to love this style ring in your older years? If you do need to change it up a bit in 10 years time, possibly contact a jeweller who will be able to assist,

Think about the fit

Do you regularly wear jewellery? Some men tend to not wear a wedding band because they think it is uncomfortable. Most likely, you haven't worn a wedding ring before and don't realise how quickly your ring becomes a part of your hand.

If this sounds like you, drop Man Up Jewellery an email and we are happy to assist.. Rings with a comfort curve on the inside of the band are usually the most comfortable fit for wedding rings.

More and more people have allergies to metals so if elements such as nickel tend to irritate your skin, choose a titanium ring.