Mens Wedding Ring Options


When it’s time to shop for the ring, there’s usually one in mind. It’s beautiful, it’s sparkly, and it’s usually for her. But it’s time to shine the spotlight on the flip side – what about men’s wedding rings?!

Men’s bands have come a long, long way since variations of width in polished yellow gold. Guys demand more options, more customizability, and more ways to make their wedding rings their own. After all, once they say “I Do” they’re wearing them every day! A guy should be able to express himself through his wedding ring, and designers took this desire to heart.

Man Up Jewellery specialize in alternative and traditional metals, textured designs and cater to the unique tastes of every groom who walks views our website.

A side not about alternative materials – these options are only growing in popularity. They’re great for men with metal allergies (like nickel, which is in white gold and limits guys’ options for white metals!) They’re perfect for those who have rough-on-the-hands jobs (many of these materials are more resistant to chips and scratches than platinum and gold.)

And if you’re into the more traditional metals, we’ve got plenty of those too – with modern twists. Whether you want a coloured look, a brushed steel appearance, or a platinum masterpiece, we’ve got you covered.