What are men looking for in a fine man’s ring or rings? We have listed below some of the possible categories that a couple might be looking for in a mens wedding band. We’d love to hear your thoughts and help us fill in the blanks. We are not the experts, but we do care about the why’s and how’s of finding the perfect ring(s) for the male couple …


So many to choose from … tungsten, sterling, stainless, cobalt, ceramic, zirconium, vitalium, palladium, platinum, wood and so many more. Care for a diamond inlay or how about birth stones? Would you like an exotic inlay in meteorite or dinosaur bone? Or would you prefer something more simple in a precious metal – nothing fancy – just a stunningly simple art piece in platinum?

You can find what you want these days if one is willing to spend the time and energy in due diligence. With thousands of styles and price points to choose from it can be a daunting task but in the end – when buying a wedding band for life – the search and research is worth it!


Two hundred bucks. 300? 400? What makes the band valuable? Price alone? We don’t think so although certainly price is a consideration.

Is the ring worth the price to you? Does it speak to your needs? To your budget? To your taste?

We have shoppers who would easily spend a few thousand dollars for their perfect wedding ring and others who can spend less than one-hundred dollars. Value? It really lies within the couple’s united thinking of what is worth the money and what might be a stretch. To spend more than one can afford cheapens the experience in many cases – it becomes a symbol of a decision that was simply not right for the two who are becoming one.

Although we sell wedding bands that run into the thousands, we would prefer a couple be wise in their expenditure – they will be happier in the long run and more prone to send additional shoppers to our site.

Buy for the two of you. Don’t buy for others. Make it personal and lasting. Just like the union.


Lifetime. That speaks volumes doesn’t it? For as long as you live, the mens wedding band is guaranteed to last without blemish. And in lost cases the same is true for sizing of the ring. Lost some weight – not a problem – exchange it for a small fee and receive a new band in the correct size.

Which leads us to the next topic – meaning. If a ring is to last as long as you do – shouldn’t the expression behind the ring be given it just due in thought and consideration? We think so – why make a hasty decision when the meaning behind the exchange can last as long as the ring itself …


Expression can be found in words, art, architecture and in jewellery. In a man’s ring it is subtle but the discerning buy is looking for meaning when choosing a ring with its rich symbolism. That is why so many wedding bands are engraved with a phrase that is meaningful to the two parties – but even the cut, the shape, the design’s nuance can give place for a deeper, richer experience when worn. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder – we have found that expression lies in the meaning behind the gift.


With the advent of the “comfort fit” wedding band for men, the comfort issue became almost a secondary concern for most men. The comfort fit band is bevelled on the inside and outside of the ring where the ring tends to slide or glide over the knuckle. Thus, the discomfort once attributed to a non-comfort fit ring is of no concern these days.

Virtually all modern rings are now manufactured in comfort fit. We would advise that you insist the next ring you purchase is comfort fit – particularly when searching for the perfect mens wedding band in one of the alternative metals such as tungsten, titanium or sterling silver.


If this were a multiple choice test, one of the possible answers might be “all of the above” and if that were the case we think you would have answered the question correctly. It has been our experience that men are looking for comfort, value, style, warranty, and in large measure for a couple – the meaning behind the ceremonial ring. What speaks of love and togetherness and acceptance? When found, they know it and the decision becomes much easier.