Mens Titanium Ring's


Titanium men's rings, are known for their strength – even car manufacturers have used it for their engines (as well as tungsten). Out of all the metals, including tungsten rings, titanium has the highest ratio between density and strength. It too is stronger than steel, but is much lighter. Titanium rings have corrosion resistance against oxygen, so it lasts long. It isn’t that resistant to scratches and scuffs, so that’s definitely something to keep in mind while shopping for your men’s jewellery as well as titanium bracelets. If you want bling that will stay shiny for decades to come, tungsten rings is the winner. If you accidentally run your ring over in the driveway, no worries – it will still be as good as new. Neither tungsten rings nor titanium rings have reaction to your skin (as long as there is no cobalt). You don’t have to worry about titanium rings or tungsten rings bending over time, but there is a difference in weight; titanium rings have a lighter metal than tungsten rings.