Mens Rings - Left or Right Hand


Most guys don’t have a lot of experience with the finer points of ring wearing etiquette.

That’s not a problem – because if you’re reading this article you’re about to learn more in 5 minutes than what 95% of the population knows.

There are many traditions regarding jewellery in general, and mens rings in particular. Use them to make a statement without opening your mouth.

Now be aware – it’s not a statement everyone will get — but like a lot of fashion choices, they’re there for the people who notice, and being part of the elite club that “gets it” is part of the fun.

So if you’re someone who’s considering wearing a ring purely for the style of it (rather than just a wedding band), here are a few of the traditional associations for rings on fingers.

First – Right Hand vs. Left Hand

For the most part there aren’t any steadfast rules about which hand you wear your ring(s) on.

Engagement and wedding rings, wedding bands are exceptions — there are a lot of specific cultural traditions — but at the end of the day there are so many cultural traditions that it becomes an anything-goes situation anywhere that’s not completely homogeneous.

Just for example, most American men will wear their wedding band on their left ring finger, but a man married in an Eastern Orthodox church could end up using the right hand instead. And engagement rings are rare enough on men already that there is no set tradition.

Some schools or organizations may have rules about how to wear their rings (in which case you’ll be told), but most will leave it up to their members.

So for pretty much any ring, don’t worry about right hand vs. left hand rules. As far as symbolism goes, the right hand is generally seen as the “physical” hand — the active, dominant one that makes most of your gestures. The left is thought of as the “mental” hand, representing your character and beliefs.