Mens rings in this day and age

Here are a few ideas on how to wear men’s rings in today’s day and age.
The Pinkie Ring
The Pinkie Ring is usually worn on the opposite hand to the wedding ring  .If you want to stand out wear a bold ring, it will definitely get noticed.
The Double UP
The Double up means exactly that.  Double up with two pinkie rings on each pinkie finger.  You might want to remove your wedding ring, or maybe go for a smaller pinkie ring on your wedding ring hand.  Either go for signet rings, or a single band for something a little more subtle.
The Squared Look
Depending where you live in the world, depends on where you wear your wedding ring.  Rather than having to decide why don’t you try wearing a square wedding ring on both ring fingers !This would be a good look for either a night out or casual event.