Men's ring sizing

Alot of men struggle when it comes to getting the correct ring size for their wedding ring.
What men don’t understand when they start looking up men’s wedding rings is that there are a range of different sizings in use. These are as below

• EU – measures the circumference in millimetres
• UK – uses letter sizes from A-Z
• US – uses a number scale from 1-16
• Japan – uses a number scale from 1-27

This can cause confusion when it comes to finding the correct size for your ring.

If you want to get the right size for your men’s wedding ring, you’ll need a millimetre ruler and two measurements:

• Finger circumference
• Finger diameter

With these two numbers and the help of a sizing table, you’ll be able to find the letter size that gives you the right ring size.

Going to your local jeweller is the easiest and safest way to go about finding your wedding ring size or ask us for one of our ring sizes.

Getting your size: ring sizing tips

Unlike men’s wedding rings which are perfectly round, most people’s fingers are uneven, inconsistent shapes.

The golden rule when it comes to rings? Visit a jeweller with a proven track record – one that has a good reputation, that you know and trust will do a good job and look after you and your bride- or groom-to-be.

In addition to stocking sizing kits, a good jeweller will also help you choose a ring that’s a perfect fit not just for your finger, but your lifestyle also.