Mens Pinky Rings – are these rings still in style?


Men’s pinky rings are in style again in this year, and one of the best things about pinky rings are they are very easy to wear as you don’t necessarily have to accessories with any other jewellery.

Men’s pinky rings are worn on the fifth finger – the pinky finger.   Most men just wear one ring on one hand. If you do in fact, want to accessories, maybe offset the ring with a leather bracelet or maybe a tungsten ring on your middle ring finger.  You can also wear a chunky black ring on your pinky finger, accessorising it with a black bold bracelet and maybe a leather necklace.  The options are endless.  Pinky rings are also becoming popular with the older gentlemen, especially now there are such an array of rings and metals arounds, such as titanium rings, tungsten rings, steel rings and the new popular tisten ring.

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