Men's jewellery

Men’s jewellery can be a dicey subject. While women can pull off a whole range of ornaments from bling to baubles, not all men feel comfortable donning more than a watch, a wedding or class ring, or a discreet earring. But it’s no longer only the rich and famous who are rocking their jewellery ; men are now adorning themselves with jewellery. Let’s take a look at the latest trends in men’s jewellery

Straight Lines
Women’s jewellery might feature floral designs, men tend to look for straighter lines. Designs fit the bill and make a strong impression, as do geometric styles. Even the cut of gemstones can be sleeker and more geometric. Men’s rings are usually set with princess cuts rather than round stones. Eternity or half eternity-style bands are popular, and stones set around the sides of the ring give it a unique l

Diamonds And Gemstones
Men still look good in plain white or yellow gold jewellery, but contrasting stones and metal can make it pop. Black is catching on, and teamed with coloured stones such as blue diamonds, sapphires, or emeralds, it makes for a striking look. By the same token, white gold matched with black diamonds is particularly eye-catching. And an unusual look doesn’t need to be expensive; to suit a tighter budget white gold or platinum can be replaced with silver, and more affordable gems can be used in place of expensive ones.

Stones are popular in wedding and class rings, but they can also make an impression in other men’s jewellery.

Leather and natural fibres used in beaded bracelets and necklaces are strong trends at the moment. Release your inner personality by mixing and matching styles and stacking bracelets and necklaces for a more “you" look.