Men’s Wedding Rings


8 things to remember when buying your men’s wedding bands

There are 8 simple things that most men forget when buying themselves the most important (if not the only) piece of jewellery, the men’s wedding bands. So we’ve put together this list, so you get the perfect men’s wedding bands without any confusion.

1. Plan your budget: Men's wedding bands can range from anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, so make sure you define the upper limit you're willing to spend and select designs accordingly.

2. Shop multiple locations: Men hate shopping, but when it comes to a men's wedding band, roaming about the mall, or across multiple websites is the best way to find the best deals and the best designs.

3. Shop in advance: This is true especially if you're in the market for a gold or platinum men's wedding band. Don't put off your purchase for the last minute. Prices of precious metals fluctuate nearly every day and shopping in advance may save you quite a pretty penny.

4. Know your stones: Always do a little reading before picking up stone encrusted men's wedding bands. In case of diamonds know your 4Cs, as the cut, colour, carat weight and clarity of the stone will affect the price of the men's wedding band quite significantly. Think whether you'd like to go with a natural diamond or precious stones, as there are some fantastic man made replacements at half the cost that are growing in popularity.

5. Keep it classic: Understated designs look most excellent in terms of men's wedding bands. Besides a simple inlay, whether in diamond, meteorite, wood or shell looks timeless and elegant, without being ostentatious.

6. Consider new metals: While gold and platinum do have their allure, they are expensive options and with the economy the way it is, not always the most practical option. New metals like tungsten, titanium, palladium and cobalt, are several times more cost effective than gold or platinum and at the same time, look and feel premium. New metals are also a lot stronger and in essence more hardier than gold and silver. Besides they are hypoallergenic and durable, which makes them a very good men's wedding band.

7. Factor in your lifestyle: Whenever you pick up a men's wedding band you need to factor in your lifestyle. If you are constantly on the move, work in the wide open spaces or in construction, or lead a generally active lifestyle, you should consider getting a men's wedding band in tungsten or titanium and not in gold, platinum or silver, as these are liable to damage as against the tougher new metals.

8. Discuss designs with your partner: In a quest to save money, discuss the possibility of a pair of couple's rings as opposed to men's wedding bands. Rings that are similar or couple rings have the same design and amount of embellishment to mirror each other, this simply means that the total cost of two distinct rings is eliminated.