Men’s wedding ring styles

The classic ring

With a simple and slim line design, the classic men’s wedding ring is a great choice. You have an array of designs to choose from, such as a titanium men’s rings, tungsten men’s rings and even steel men’s rings

The contemporary ring

A contemporary wedding ring is the next step up from the classic wedding ring. It usually combines different metals. Some include a grey tungsten carbide brushed-centre flat ring with a combination of gold, a ring that is brushed black tungsten carbide, a tisten ring which is a combination of titanium and tungsten.

The stand out ring

You can make your wedding ring unique and have that wow factor by adding a subtle sparkling diamond, some large diamonds across the front of the band, or a strip of titanium. You could also choose a ring with a Celtic or hand-braided design..

The unexpected ring

Something unexpected always makes your wedding ring stand out, so if you want your wedding ring to be noticed, why not try a wood titanium ring or even a blue titanium ring. Maybe you’d prefer a totally different colour ring, such as red or yellow.

The engraved ring

You can personalise your wedding ring with engraving. You can choose to engrave the metal with the wedding date, your fiancé’s name, initials or fingerprint, or a word, phrase or song. Whatever is sentimental to you.

The custom ring

You can also have your wedding ring customised to reflect your personality. You might want to go for a specific design that is special to you.

Choosing the perfect men’s wedding ring

Ultimately, the wedding ring you choose will depend on your personality. You may want a particular setting and style that reflects your personality and tastes. But in the end, make sure to pick a ring that fits properly and is comfortable. It should also ideally complement your partner’s wedding ring,