Men’s Bracelets – The Complete Style Guide

Men’s Bracelets – The Complete Style Guide

While many men will not wear jewellery other than their wedding ring and watch, more and more are looking at bracelets as an accessory to show off their style. Many men are heading towards this fashion statement,

The thing to do is to choose the right bracelet to match to his outfit and other accessories. This means that the very first step to getting the right type of bracelet is to think of what his clothing style appears to be.

There are many styles and materials that are used for men’s bracelets these days. Matching accessories is easier than you may think.


If his look is more casual and is usually wearing jeans, and T-shirts, a nice, leather bracelet with either dark brown or black would be a great addition. Leather men’s bracelets have actually become very popular as they are very easy to wear and can blend naturally with most casual looks. Leather and silver men’s bracelets are also a perfect choice.


If he is often in a suit and tie, then a tungsten, titanium or silver bracelet might be the best bet, as they would fit with his style more naturally.

Bohemian / Boho

For the hippies out there, tribal bracelets are a great option.

to men bracelets. It’s a very popular style during the warm, summer days.


Beaded men’s bracelets

While the first instinct for many men would be to stay clear from beaded jewellery, the truth is that the popularity of wood beads and other natural materials is on the rise. You will actually see quite a few famous people wearing beaded bracelets with many using them as statement pieces.

The secret for men who wear bracelets is very simple, go with what you are feeling (and wearing).