Matte or Brushed?

Matte or Brushed tungsten rings and polished tungsten rings

 When looking for a tungsten ring the first thing that comes to mind is, do I go for a matte finish or a polished finish on the ring.  A brushed finish looks just like it says, like brush has run over the surface of the ring.  These rings do reflect less light than a polished ring which is usually very smooth the glossy.  To add to the mix you could also have a design on either the matte or polished rings to give it that extra point of difference.  Usually, rings with less design cost usually lower than those rings with more intricate detail.

Coloured Tungsten rings

 Black tungsten rings are usually worn by men who want to be noticed.  These black rings can match any outfit. You can also find these tungsten rings in matte or polished.  As mentioned above, these black rings look very chunky and very manly.  They are very comfortable to wear and are increasing in popularity with the accessories sector.  We have a massive selection of our black tungsten rings, including our Samari Tungsten ring, our Cool Ring Black which is a beautiful, brushed silver ring with black inside, our FAE which looks heaving a chunky. 

Gold tungsten rings can tend to look like real gold rings, which make these rings a great alternative for those that are on a budget for their wedding rings.  Our selections include I DO Tungsten ring, Route 66 Tungsten ring which you get the best of both worlds with black and gold, our Cool Ring Gold Tungsten ring. 

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