How to Style Men's Rings? A Man’s Guide To Wearing Rings

You look in your wardrobe every day to choose your outfit -- what do you want to portray today? What kind of story do you want to tell? Are you in a rugged kind of mood, pulling on the casual outfit, or in more of a snazzy mood and reaching for your trousers and tie? Can a ring help you with your image? We think it ca.

Men’s Rings Tell a Story

Rings for men range from the plain and practical, for instance plain wedding rings – to the blingy wedding rings. Rings, in particular, can be an important part of your overall outfit and help tell everyone what kind of person you are.  

Different Rings for Different Occasions 

How does that concept help you style your rings today? What kind of image do you want to portray to others. Going into manual labour? We suggest plain rings that help you show an image of a hard worker, not afraid to get your hands dirty to get the job done. 

Out for a night out in town? Get blingy with your men’s ring styles… a bold fashion statement worn on your hand could add to a good impression. It is important you know what types of men's rings you like, there are plenty of men’s rings to choose from.

Men’s Rings for Trendy

The two traditional fingers on which to wear a man’s ring are the fourth finger of your left hand for a wedding band, and on your pinky for a crest ring. Styles now cater for men wearing rings on their index fingers, thumbs and even middle fingers.  Try not to go overboard on the men’s rings though.

Contemporary Design Twists

Want to try something different to traditional wedding rings?  Look out for black rings, or coloured men’s rings. These can make an outfit just pop.