Fashion Trends


Keep your necklaces basic and classic.  If you do want to make a statement, go for flashy, lots of different necklaces.  For an everyday look, for example, with jeans and t-shirt, go with a silver or gold chain.  You could even add a pendant for something a little different.


Your bracelet should compliment your outfit and go well with your other accessories.  Try not to overdo it.  They differ from ladies bracelets, whereas they don’t have charms that can overpower.  Keep it simple.


Most men own more than one watch.  Maybe one for everyday wear and one a little more blingy for those nights out.  Again, try to match with your necklace, rings, etc.


Cufflinks are an important piece of jewellery.  They hold your cuffs in place.  Cufflinks are usually kept for special occasions, i.e, weddings or even a business suit.  Generally cufflinks are small and can come in a variety of different styles.


Most men usually only wear a ring, the wedding ring that is.  You can most definitely incorporate dress rings into the mix.  There is no wrong or right style of which rings to wear.  You could always try stacking your rings, meaning wearing 2 or 3 on one finger.