Engraving your titanium men’s wedding rings

Lazer engraving can add a deep and meaningful expression of love to your men’s wedding ring, which makes it totally unique to both of you.

Customize the style with a coloor

Titanium rings can be anodized and are available in several colours, the most popular being black. Rose gold men’s rings are often chosen as a wedding ring as it can be matched with all the styles of gold and silver which are also a trend at the moment.

Titanium vs stainless steel

Which is better titanium or stainless steel mens rings?

T one thing you need to know is that titanium is three times harder than stainless-steel ,and that it is a metal unlike stainless steel an alloy which can be combined with several elements make it resistant to corrosion or oxidation.

Titanium vs tungsten

Tungsten is a very hard metal and the weight can be appealing for a men’s wedding ring.

platinum vs Titanium

Both metals have the same natural colour which make them very similar in appearance,

The biggest difference between platinum and titanium is the price, a titanium ring is alot cheaper than a platinum men’s wedding ring.

Have you decided what style of men’s ring you will buy?