Couple Rings

Matching Metals

Couple rings are commonly made of the same metals. If one will get a titanium ring, a ring with the same titanium material should come with it. Some gorgeous metals you can choose from are silver, tungsten, titanium, tisten and more. If you want to try something more unique, you can get two-toned matching couple rings!

Matching Styles

The designs on the ring should match as well. If there is an engraving on one ring, the other must have it too. Of course, there are many options when it comes to the engraving. You can have them customized with your anniversary date or you can have your names engraved to add a loving touch. Overall, the styles, patterns, and designs of the rings should match both of your tastes!

Matching Stones

Women’s rings can come with huge stones, while men mostly prefer solid designs for their rings. There is the option of just plain rings for men. Couple rings can easily suit both men and women. Men’s rings can feature small stones whereas women can have larger stones.

Matching to Your Lifestyle

You will need to ask yourselves the question about your lifestyle.Do you have a physical job?If so, maybe tungsten would be the best choice. Or if you work in an office maybe choose Titanium.Always take both of your lifestyles into consideration.

Contrasting Rings

Couple rings usually have similarities. However, other people choose unique complementing rings instead of matching ones.