Comfort Fit Rings

A comfort fit or comfort curve is the shape of the inner side of the ring, the part  of the ring that sits against your finger. A standard fit wedding ring is a straight inner wall. A comfort fit wedding ring has a convex inner wall.

A standard fit often has a hard edge that can sometimes catch the skin as you slide it on and off your finger, especially with the wider style rings. The comfort fit makes the ring slide over you knuckle much more easily.

Contact dermatitis can be quite common when wearing a wedding ring. A comfort fit wedding ring has less contact with your finger.  This means that there is nowhere for moisture and dirt to become trapped against your skin. A comfort fit ring is also much easier to clean.  You can see our “looking after your ring” blog.

A comfort fit wedding ring weighs less than a standard fit ring. This is because some of the metal is removed to achieve a convex inner

You shouldn’t have to force your wedding ring on your finger. You should have a little bit of grip over it without being uncomfortable. If your wedding ring has a hard edge it can be very hard to get on over your knuckle. 

When you are shopping for your wedding ring make sure you look for one with a comfort fit.