Choosing Wedding Rings for Men

There are three factors when choosing the right wedding ring.  Firstly, you need to ensure you get the right fit.  We offer a free ring sizer to ensure you get the perfect fit for your wedding ring.  You also need to think about your lifestyle.  You want a wedding ring that you can wear daily, so you need to purchase the correct metal to suit this ,i.e, businessman, tradesman or the medical field.   No matter what your budget is for your wedding ring, there are lots of choices out there for you.  Different metals include titanium, tungsten and silver.

For your size you need to consider your body temperature, as in the summer your fingers swell slightly.  This needs to be taken into consideration.  Also, what width you like or suits your finger.  It also comes down to comfort.  Most of our rings on our website are comfort fit.  A wide wedding ring can sometimes make your fingers appear a little shorter, so you may suit a 4mm or 6mm wedding ring rather than a standard 8mm wedding ring.   Lastly as mentioned above, you need to choose the metal and colour.  Our black wedding rings are becoming popular as are our blue and red shaded rings.  Do you research on which metal suits your lifestyle.

One last thing to consider.  Do you want your ring to match your partners ?  Or maybe you are looking for something subtle that doesn’t stand out.  There are so many rings to choose from out there.  We are more than happy to help you find your perfect wedding ring.