Are you wanting to know how to choose a wedding ring to suit your life? Here is a quick guide to picking the right wedding ring for you.

Many men have a tough job at finding their wedding ring. We believe there is a lot more pressure on men to get that perfect ring, the perfect metal and the perfect match to their bride to be.

Some men have no idea where to start when they begin looking for their wedding ring. It's best to start with the basics – your ring size


It is always a good start to know what your ring size is before searching out wedding rings. It does save you the stress of finding a ring that you love, only to find out that it isn’t the right size, either too small or too big.

There are plenty of ways to find your ring size.We offer a free ring sizer to get the answer, or you could pop into your local jewellery for them to measure your ring size.

It’s best to size up your finger when it isnt too hold or too cold. Warm air can cause your fingers to swell up, and the cold makes your fingers a slimmer, which means you wouldn’t get the right size. It’s also best to measure at the end of the day, as fingers tend to be a lot smaller in the morning.

If you find that you measure up between two sizes, it’s best to go for the bigger size just to guarantee that you’ll be comfortable, especially if you’re going for a wider band. If you go for a wider band in a bigger size, you’ll find that it fits much more comfortably. If you choose a wider band in the smaller size, you may find that it’s tight as it’s wider than average.

Once you’re happy with the size of your ring finger, there are a few other things that you need to know regarding the size and comfort of your wedding ring.

Which ring profile should I choose?

There are a lot of wedding rings to choose from. Finding the right wedding ring makes sure the ring sits comfortably on your finger.

Classic Court

This type of ring is also known as a “court ring” or “traditional court ring”. It is the most common ring shape, alongside the D-Shaped ring. This style differs from D-Shaped ring in that it shows a rounded interior to match the exterior. This creates a rounded ring, which makes the profile the most comfortable available. These rings are also the most used shape that couples use to create matching sets.

D-Shaped Rings

This ring is very much like the classic court, where the outer ring is rounded. It features a much thinner design with a flat interior, perfect for those of you who love the traditional shape of the classic court but prefer the close fitting flat profile! These rings are also ideal for men with an active lifestyle because of the streamlined design.

Flat Rings

This profile is the opposite of the classic court, with both a flat interior and exterior. This ring isn’t as practical for those who work or have active lifestyles, as it isn't streamlined like D-Shaped or Classic Court rings.It’s flat interior means that the surface of the band fits much more comfortably around the finger.

Flat Court

For something in between, you may want to consider a flat court ring. This style is exterior of a flat ring with the comfortable rounded interior of a classic court, and it's very “in” with men right now.

What Band Width do I want?

There is no real way to know which band size you’re going to want until you’ve tried rings on. It’s one of the things you need to consider as it can influence how comfortable a ring is on your finger.