Gone are the days where a man’s jewellery selection is limited to a single wedding ring and nothing more. You may have heard that jewellery isn’t really a man’s first priory. We can tell you pretty much every significant man in history wore some kind of jewellery.

There are no rules when it comes to mens jewellery.  You should never feel out of place by wearing jewellery, albeit, rings, pendants or bracelets.

 Here are a few tips on stylish jewellery for men

 Join the Gang

Chains are a very stylish jewellery choice for men. They look great with just a t-shirt and jeans, as well as dressy attire. Silver is fine, but you should own a yellow gold chain too.

 Keep a chain in your jewellery collection. Find what works best for you. Add a pendant that holds meaning to you, whether it’s a cross, engraved dog tag, or unique token. Then, try wearing that necklace over your necktie to your next formal event.  Make sure you don’t over do it though


Signet Rings

Signet rings are really popular this year. Signet rings look great with diamond and gemstone accents, engraved initials, or just plain.  Signet rings also work great as pinky rings.


Try something a little different and try wedding rings that celebrate different textures, form, and finish.