Buying stylish jewellery for men

These days there is a huge selection of men’s jewellery to choose from.  The days of only having wedding bands is long gone.  Some men do think that jewellery is just for women and men shouldn’t wear jewellery, but we believe the opposite.  King’s wore jewellery, draped in gold and silver jewellery and a lot of historical figures were known to wear the same.  Wearing jewellery, whether it be rings, bracelets or necklaces, is a sign of confidence and to show the world that you are well dressed man.

There are no rules to wearing men’s jewellery.  Go and wear that signet ring with a leather bracelet and chunky pendant.  From old to young, men should embrace men’s jewellery and wear it with pride.  Again, there are no rules, so just go for it.

Signet rings are very popular these days.  Go for one with a gemstone, add a bit of bling and colour and you are good to go.

For wedding rings, try a bit of texture or colour.  There are so many metals to choose from with a massive array of designs, try titanium or tungsten rings, or Tisten which is becoming very popular.