Best Mens Wedding Bands

Best is somewhat of a relative term isn’t it? What does it mean to be the best? Best in its class? Best in its category? Best meaning nothing tops it for its quality or price or luster or beauty or value? Without striving to define best we will proceed as if we all intuitively know what it means to be best in its class or category.

So the search is on for the best in the men's wedding bands category. We will begin by saying that to be the best does not mean the most expensive – you cannot “buy” your way to the top. The final candidates must have value and present worth but not strictly via a price point or price tag. We also exclude the “cheap” rings – rings that cost less than $50 will not be considered even though a ring at $50 might still be eye-catching and carry a lifetime warranty. So for our purposed we will stay around the $100-400 price range – affordable for the masses but not the high end glamour pieces that show up only on the fingers of the very wealthy and very chic.

The key factors to describe the best, assuming everyone agrees with our “rules” above, will center on quality and eye-catching beauty or appeal.

Quality will be defined as the ability of the men's rings to withstand abuse, weather, outdoor activities, hard work, exercise, water and sun. Not just withstand but endure while looking great – not needing constant care and polishing.

For this characteristic we find only 4 metals/materials that can hold up under the magnifying glass – and they are NOT gold, silver, platinum and palladium! Instead they are tungsten, titanium, cobalt and ceramic.

We will eliminate 2 right off the bat – cobalt and ceramic – they simply do not have the following or the track record to be considered the “best” of anything. Narrowing it down to one between tungsten and titanium is VERY difficult. Why? Because they are both virtually indestructible and very scratch resistant. We might even call the a tie except that for the purposed of this writing there can be no ties!

We will choose titanium for one main reason. Although titanium is not as hard as tungsten, this really means it has an advantage. Titanium is also much lighter than tungsten and is therefore, at least in the opinion of this writer, more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.