Are Men’s and Women’s Ring Sizes the Same?

Are Men’s and Women’s Ring Sizes the Same?

If you are looking to buy a ring for that someone special in your life, but you are getting confused about the different sizes around.Have a look at our guide below.

As you would know already, men and women wear different ring sizes.Women usually go for daintier styles with gem stones, while men usually go for rings that look masculine.

Men vs Women Ring Sizes

Men and women’s ring sizes are sort of the same.The main character that is different is the width of the rings, not necessarily the size that fits your finger.Women tend to suit thinner, maybe 4mm or 6mm thin rings, as their fingers are thinner, whereas men usually prefer wider rings, say 8mm or 10mm width.

Common Ring Sizes

Average ring sizes in the NZ can range from size 6 for women and children, all the way up to size 16 to include men. US sizes are measured in inches and internationally they are measured in millimeters. Ring sizing guides and charts can help convert sizes for you when you’re unsure.

The most common size for men are size 9 through to 11. Some men that have thin fingers may find their perfect fit around 8. Most men have larger fingers than women, with larger knuckles. Men with large hands and fingers usually are around the size 12 and up

For women, the top-selling ring sizes fall somewhere between a size 6 and a size 8. Women with very small hands and slender fingers may find they have to go below a size 6, but it’s not as common. Women with larger bones may have to try a size 9 or 10

There are also half sizes available, just to make sure you find the perfect ring fit.