Alternative Metal Wedding Rings

When your big wedding day comes around and you need to start looking for your wedding rings the choice can be overwhelming. As you are probably aware, there are so many things you need to take in account before purchasing your wedding rings. The first thing you should consider if what types of wedding ring metals that will work for your lifestyle. Each metal has its on unique characteristics, so its best to do your homework before purchasing your wedding ring.

We all know the precious metals usually used for wedding rings, but there is a whole new selection on the market for wedding rings including titanium, tungsten, tisten and many more. These wedding ring metals are know as alternative metals. More than most these wedding ring metals are usually made for mens wedding rings.

There are a few things to note before purchasing an alternative metal wedding ring:


Most alternatively metal wedding rings cannot be resized. Should you need to resize your ring, you will need to purchase another wedding ring. Titanium and tungsten wedding rings are good examples of this.


Another factor to consider is do you want your wedding ring to be sentimental – it does after all represent two people coming together and the commitment you have made to each other on your wedding day .If you do purchase an alternative metal wedding ring, keep in mind that it cannot be resized, and if needed a new ring will need to be purchased. Whilst some will not mind a new ring, the old one can leave you feeling sentimental about it.


The main benefit of an alternative metal wedding ring are their durability. Tungsten rings are extremely scratch resistant and almost shatterproof which is the perfect metal wedding ring for men who work with their hands.