A ring to fit your lifestyle


A wedding ring should be able to fit into your lifestyle.  Whether you are a home handyman, gym bunny or someone who always likes doing things outdoors, you may put your ring at risk of being damaged.  Here are some tips to help


Your wedding ring is probably going to be the most expensive piece of jewellery your buy.  You now need to ensure that it is looked after and cared for.

Here are some ideas to help ensure that your ring lasts

Don’t wear it in open waterIn fact, don’t wear it in water at all.  

Rings are much more likely to fall off in the ocean.  Actually, your ring can just actually fall down the sink, which will instill panic. 

If you do the dishes, take your wedding ring off and put it somewhere safe.  Even having a shower, its best to leave your wedding ring off.  Best to be safe than sorry and to look after your ring.


To ensure you don’t loose your wedding ring, always store it in the same place.  Maybe a ring box or a cloth will do.  Don’t put your ring anywhere else, that is a recipe for disaster if you forget where you have put it.

Even if you do everything you can to protect your wedding ring or engagement ring, you might still lose or destroy it.  

It’s usually best to have a chat to your insurance company.

Get your wedding ring appraised to ensure it’s insured for the right amount. And make sure your policy covers you.